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Head Master K.S. Song


Master Song is native of Korea, and 7th Degree Blackbelt certified by Kukkiwon and has practiced Taekwondo for more than 31 years. He has various teaching experience throughout all ages transnationally. He loved to teach and spread Taekwondo that he loves to others. He started to instruct Taekwondo of Martial Arts when he was 19 years old. 

  • Kukkiwon Certified 7th Degree Black Belt

  • Over 23 years of teaching experience

  • Arrived in Canada in 2007 and taught Taekwondo in Canada

  • Instructor of TIA Taekwondo demonstration team, conduct demonstration tour overseas in 2001-2007 over 500 times.

  • Received his Taekwondo master instructor certification and his Olympic-style Taekwondo certification in 2002 at Taekwondo headquarter, Kukkiwon

  • Representative Taekwondo athlete of 76 division of Korean Army, 1995-1997

Master J.W.  Byeon (Beaumont)

변준우 사범.jpeg
  • Kukkiwon Certified 5th Degree Black Belt

  • Over 9 years of teaching experience in the Republic of Korean Army

  • Served as a Taekwondo Instructor, responsible for training and guiding soldiers in physical conditioning, self-defense and techniques

  • Additionally, served as an Intelligence Major

Master J.S. Yoo (Edmonton)

유준선 사범.jpeg
  • Kukkiwon Certified 5th Degree Black Belt

  • Certified Int'l Taekwondo Master Instructor

  • Over 9 years of teaching experience

  • 1st R.O.K Army Taekwondo Demo Team

  • Bachelor's Degree in Taekwondo, Yong-in Univ (South Korea)

  • Korea Taekwondo Poomsae player (2008 - 2020)

  • K-Tigers Team Member

  • Level 3 certified Acrobatics

Master H.S. Lee (Edmonton)

이한솔 사범.jpeg
  • Kukkiwon Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt

  • Over 4 years of teaching experience

  • Completed a Master's internship in the United States

 Instructor Alex Grandon

  • Kukkiwon Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt

  • Over 3 years of teaching experience

Associate Master Jedele

  • Kukkiwon Certified 5th Degree Black Belt

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